Nintendo DS

blue dragon plus
diddy kong racing ds
Dragon Quest IV - Chapters of the Chosen
front mission
legacy of y's book 1 & 2
ys strategy
wario - master of disguise
Valkyrie Profile - Covenant of the Plume
true swing golf
Super Monkey Ball - Touch & Roll
Space Invaders Extreme
Space Invaders Extreme 2
Space Invaders Revolution
solotorobo red the hunter
Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey
saga 2
saga 3
disgaea ds
dragon quest monsters joker
Time hollow
Jump! Ultimate Stars
999 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Ace Attorney Investigations 2 - Prosecutor's Path
Aliens Infestation
Bangai-O Spirits
Fire Emblem - Heroes of Light and Shadow
Ghost Trick
Ghost Trick - Phantom Detective

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